March 2020 | Scott Freidman

The constantly changing conditions in which Australian businesses are operating are difficult to keep up with and it may be hard to see light on the other side of the coronavirus crisis.

However, with correct and appropriate advice at an early stage you can take steps to be in the best possible position to rebound.

Harris Freidman has long established relationships with a wide range of insolvency professionals who will:

  • analyse your business and the unique risks it is facing;
  • consider any strategies that can be put in place to improve profit;
  • negotiate with lenders and other creditors on your behalf; and
  • give advice on any structural or other changes that should be made to allow your business to survive.

It is critically important that you get the advice you need now and prepare for the period that lies ahead.

It will ultimately be the businesses that have carefully planned how they will operate during the crisis that will be in the best position to survive.

Please contact Jonathan Harris or Scott Freidman on (02) 9231 2466 for a confidential discussion if you feel your business would benefit from this type of advice.