June 2015 | Steven Nemes Jonathan Harris

Many business owners have focused so much energy on developing their business that they lose sight of the structure, the financing and the important documents that safeguard their investment.

Take a few minutes to think about the following:

  • How are you protected when you have a fight over money due to you?
  • Are your corporate secretarial records, business name and licence registrations up to date?
  • Do your terms of trade support you?
  • What asset protection do you have?
  • Is the money you have invested in your business secured?
  • Are your employee contracts out of date?
  • Is your IP protected?
  • Do you have appropriate policies that can protect you if there is an incident in your workplace?
  • Do you have complete executed copies of important documents stored in a secure (backed up) place if there is a dispute in the future?

The lawyers at Harris Freidman are experts in setting up business structures properly so your concerns are put at rest. A Legal Health Check Up can be as simple as identifying your concerns with a tick on our Checklist, or we can offer a more detailed legal audit with a face to face meeting if you feel your business deserves a full physical.

Whatever you self-diagnose, our commercial partners are business law specialists and our team of lawyers are the most practical, commercial and approachable you will find.

Written by Jonathan Harris and Steven Nemes
(02) 9231 2466

For more information please contact Jonathan or Steven by email jharris@hflawyers.com.au or snemes@hflawyers.com.au or on (02) 9231 2466.

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