October 2018 | Georgia Dight

Clear communication between parents following separation or divorce is important for the wellbeing of the children. 

It is essential that parents are able to engage in conflict-free communication regarding all child-related issues. However, this is not always the case. We find that parents may be experiencing anger, grief or difficulties dealing with high-conflict exes and that conflict can worsen if parents feel they are being “left out” from hearing about significant issues (or even minor ones) that contribute to a parent’s complete understanding of their child’s life. 

Traditionally, separated and divorced parents who have trouble communicating would make use of a “Communication Book”. This is a physical document (like a diary) that is passed between parents at changeovers and contains written communications and information regarding the children.

In this day and age, the use of apps that can be accessed anywhere on any kind of smartphone or device makes life a lot easier for parents.

Parents simply download a purpose-built app which streamlines the communication process and enables sharing information about time arrangements, appointments, and school/social issues.

There are numerous apps for separated parents available for both Apple and Android devices.  Some of the apps that many parents find useful to manage their communication and information sharing needs are:

This simple app isn’t just great for co-parents but also other carers who are helping or involved in your children’s lives, such as grandparents, nannies, aunts, and uncles. SharedCare keeps parents involved in every aspect of their children’s lives, from care arrangements, expenses (including reimbursement requests) to sharing news and photos.

Availability: Android, iOS.

Cost: $5.99

Provides a shared parenting calendar, message board, info bank for sharing things like school schedules and medical information, and offers an expenses log for tracking child support, school fees, medical expenses, etc.

Availability: Web, iOS, Android.
Cost: Free app download but subscription required for use ($99, per parent, per year).

This app offers many of the usual features and also includes recipes and meal planners, and you can create lists such as grocery, chore and packing lists.

Availability: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry.
Cost: Free.

Again, this app offers many of the usual features but also allows children to have access to the account and message both parents (for example for forgotten items or scheduling requests). The app stores family medical history and emergency contacts.

Availability: Web, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and KindleFire.
Cost: Free app download but subscription required for use ($9.99 per month or $99 per parent per year).

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