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23 10, 2018

Co-Parenting Children after Separation or Divorce

October 2018 | Georgia Dight Clear communication between parents following separation or divorce is important for the wellbeing of the children.  It is essential that parents are able to engage in conflict-free communication regarding all child-related issues. However, this is not always the case. We find that parents may be experiencing anger, grief or difficulties dealing with high-conflict exes and that conflict can worsen if parents feel they are being “left out” from hearing about

23 10, 2018

Understanding PEXA – Your Quick Guide

October 2018 | Margaret Rouen  “From 1 July 2018, standalone transfers, standalone caveats and Non-Authorised Deposit-taking Institution discharges, mortgages and refinances are moving online in New South Wales” - NSW Land Registry Services. PEXA stands for Property Exchange Australia Limited. It is the world’s first online lodgement and financial settlement platform. PEXA was formed in 2010 to fulfil the Council of Australian-Governments (COAG) initiative to provide a unified, national e-conveyancing platform for the Australian

15 08, 2018

Is separating different to getting a divorce?

August 2018 | Les Stubbs In our experience with clients we see some confusion exists as to the meaning of the terms ‘separation’ and ‘divorce’. Many clients believe these terms are interchangeable, but, they have entirely different meanings in family law. Separation A ‘separation’ occurs when one party to a relationship ends the relationship. Many times they will communicate intention to end the relationship. However, sometimes they will just walk out.  It is not required that the decision be

15 08, 2018

Does your business have a Notifiable Data Breach strategy in place?

August 2018 | Scott Freidman On 22 February 2018, significant amendments to the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 came into effect establishing the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme in Australia. Prior to these amendments, there was no legal requirement for entities (private or otherwise) to notify individuals whose personal information had been breached. The statutory changes are a positive step towards the protection of personal information. But what do they mean for business owners? What are the changes?            The amendments

24 07, 2018

Why Should I Make a Will?

July 2018 | Jonathan Harris & Charlene Hunt Preparing a Will won’t stop someone making a claim against your Estate, but it is a clear record of who you wanted to give your assets to. If you die without a Will, you are said to have died ‘intestate’. In NSW, if you die intestate, your Estate will be distributed as follows: (a) a spouse with no children → your spouse will inherit the whole estate. (b) a spouse with children