Family & Defacto Law

31 01, 2019

New Rental Reforms to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence

January 2019 | Ariza Arif New tenancy reforms to improve the protections for victims of domestic violence living in a rented property will commence on 28 February 2019. Currently victims of domestic violence must give 14 days’ notice to break a fixed-term lease and face financial penalties for doing so. The changes mean that  victims will be able to break a lease without penalty. To end the tenancy in circumstances of domestic violence, the victim will need to give

20 12, 2018

Attention All: Stay Safe this ‘Silly Season’

December 2018 | Scott Freidman The Christmas and New Year period is a time to enjoy the company of family and friends. However, the 'silly season' can also be a busy time of the year for lawyers. A combination of excessive alcohol consumption, increased traffic and heightened stress levels means clients and their loved ones may find themselves in an accident or otherwise having done something they later regret. Many of you have young adult children, so the information

28 11, 2018

My Health Record: Are You at Risk?

November 2018 | Les Stubbs & Cheryl Po What is My Health Record? Under the My Health Record scheme, a health record account will be created for you by the end of 2018 (with records available in 2019) if you have a Medicare card or a Veterans’ Affairs card.  This allows your healthcare providers to access your account to see your health information such as allergies, medications and immunisations. This is designed to help your health providers give you

23 10, 2018

Co-Parenting Children after Separation or Divorce

October 2018 | Georgia Dight Clear communication between parents following separation or divorce is important for the wellbeing of the children.  It is essential that parents are able to engage in conflict-free communication regarding all child-related issues. However, this is not always the case. We find that parents may be experiencing anger, grief or difficulties dealing with high-conflict exes and that conflict can worsen if parents feel they are being “left out” from hearing about

19 09, 2018

Commentary on the Family Courts Restructure

September 2018 Les Stubbs and Cheryl Po  Wise politicians and erudite jurists have time and again observed that an independent judiciary is the very heart of a republic.  This is so because the foundation of a democracy, the source of its perennial vitality, the conditions for its growth, and the hope for its welfare — all lie in that great institution, an independent judiciary. This means that courts should not be subject to improper

15 08, 2018

Is separating different to getting a divorce?

August 2018 | Les Stubbs In our experience with clients we see some confusion exists as to the meaning of the terms ‘separation’ and ‘divorce’. Many clients believe these terms are interchangeable, but, they have entirely different meanings in family law. Separation A ‘separation’ occurs when one party to a relationship ends the relationship. Many times they will communicate intention to end the relationship. However, sometimes they will just walk out.  It is not required that the decision be